Who We Are

pexels-pixabay-259265.jpgMy name is Joel Stanley; Founder and Lead Instructor at North Country Welding Academy. For many years now it’s been my vision to open a welding trade school here in New England. For too long in America we’ve promoted liberal arts degrees over the skilled trades. We’ve told our students that there is no future in working with your hands. It’s a lie……… There is a skills gap right now that is painfully being felt by manufacturers, fabricators, and contractors across the nation. America needs welders!

I’ve spent over 20 years in the industry working as a Welder, Fabricator, Inspector, and Quality Manager in shop and field jobsites around the country. I’m passionate about using my talents, skills, and experiences to help others achieve their goals. I want you to experience the satisfaction and dignity of hard work with a purpose – welding can give you that pathway. I promise you that I can teach you the skills that are in demand in the welding industry and you have my word that no one will work harder to see you become successful as you begin your journey as a Welder!  

Welding Training Options

At North Country Welding Academy we offer a variety of welder training options with schedules and pricing that meets your needs!

Professional Welder 1

Advanced Structural & Pipe, 24 weeks, 960 clock hours
Program Cost: $20,000.00

Professional Welder 2

Advanced Pipe, 16 weeks, 640 clock hours
Program Cost: $16,000.00

Professional Welder 3

Advanced Structural, 12 weeks, 480 clock hours
Program Cost: $12,000.00

Professional Welder 4

Basic Pipe, 8 weeks, 320 clock hours
Program Cost: $7,800.00

Professional Welder 5

Basic Structural, 6 weeks, 240 clock hours
Program Cost: $5,800.00

Welding Booth Rental / Part-Time Training

Totally Customizable
Program Cost: $250.00 per day